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Marketing mindset
is an "ear" more
than a skill and
that not everyone
can acquire one.
Sadly, most people
working in marketing
have no ear at all.
Can you imagine
an orchestra
full of people like that?
Lisa Fortini-Campbell,
author of the book
“Hitting the Sweet Spot”


Marketing Thinking

or Clientomania

by Alexander Repiev



In Russian and English.

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THIS PROVOCATIVE BOOK is not a traditional compendium of marketing definitions, schemes, diagrams, and matrices. It’s an exciting story about marketing thinking, a fairly elusive substance, which is akin to the musical ear. The absence of that “ear” turns a Harvard graduate into a useless and even dangerous marketing robot. Its presence makes even a rough-and-ready shop keeper into a bullet-biter and achiever.

Now that we have entered a brave new world of the turbulent “new economy,” marketing battles will be won not by “instrumentalists.” They will be won by marketing thinkers, by those who can think and feel like the Client and for the Client, by those who can live and breathe the Client, by those infected with Clientomania, by those bristling with disciplined creativity and inventiveness.

This book is both philosophic and pragmatic. It offers no easy formulas, but rather a guidance on how to acquire marketing thinking and apply it to a gamut of daunting marketing chores.

The book’s provocative highlights are:

  • Corporate & personal dangers of pseudo-marketing
  • The way marketing decisions are, and must be made
  • Make-or-break importance of marketing thinking in marketing decision making
  • A magnified-glass look at His Majesty the Client
  • The Living Man and his RESOURCES, such as interestedness, attention, memory, etc., a subject normally ignored by marketing and especially branding texts
  • The Buying Man viewed from a slew of angles
  • Segmentation based on Client insights
  • “A well-selling product or a well-known ‘brand’?” looks at the many prejudices and stupidities associated with the now-so-fashionable branding fantasias
  • Marketing communications – everything communications, advertising being a dubious choice

The ideas of this book have been tested extensively in practice and class.


TOC, Abstract & Preface in English (Doc form)



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is a tool,
and not
an end
in itself.

L. Tolstoy

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